dimanche 8 mars 2015

Walk cycle animation exercice

Walk cycle animation exercice done with Setwart and Malcolm.

3D animation exercices - Expresive pose

In the 4rth year at MoPA (Former Supinfocom Arles) we have to specialyse ourself.  I chose to specialyse in Animation.

This exercice was to go through  an expresive pose to an other, in this case from timidity to confidence

In this one, I had to create a karate animation.

This one is a simple jump exercice

And this one is a famous heavy object lift  exercice

Game project Unity

This is a Trying for a game project we had with my boyfriend. 
The main idea was to learn how to work with Unity from a 3D model created on 3DS Max and Rigged with Biped.

This is a little video of the first animation cycles and integration of the character (Without smooth)

Internship showreel 2014

Hi back everyone ! 
It's been a long time since i didn't post anything on this blog, but I had a lot of works.

So, this is a showreel of the works I've done (In team) during my summer 2014 internship at Nadasdy Film.
All the design are from the editor Mauro Carraro and are the properties of Nadasdy film.