mardi 27 mai 2014


This is a shot from the short "Aube" by Mauro carraro produced by Nadasdy film.
in this shot, I made a part of the skinning and the animation of the whale.


This is my first modelisation created for a movie project's trailer for my internship at Nadasdy film.
I was greatly helped by Mauro carraro for this character.

this is the video of the turn :  

jeudi 1 mai 2014

Run away

This is it !
My 3rd year short film !
We had to create a 1 min film all by ourself  (From the conception to the realisation, including sound design and postproduction.)
The theme this year was "The beach".

What i enjoyed the most creating this movie was the animation although that was not an easy part because of my character running while fighting with the sand.

I hope you like it !

mardi 29 avril 2014

Fin de l'année!

This is it ! The last 3D test for the end of the year  !
We had 3 hours to unwrap, texture, put light, and render a given tea pot modelisation.

this is my "work":

lundi 17 février 2014


Tout premier essai de rendu pour mon film de 3 ème année.
( encore en cours de recherche, je ne suis pas satisfaite à 100%)
( Le ciel n'est pas encore fait!)

First 3d render attempt  for my  third year short movie.
( I'm not completly satisied of it, so i'm still working on it.) 
( The sky isn't done yet.)